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Bismarck, ND, Apr 22, 2013 --

@@As part of USDA’s Earth Day celebration, USDA Rural Development State Director Jasper Schneider today announced that two water districts will receive over $2.5 million in federal financing to expand safe, reliable water services.

“As a vital natural resource, USDA strives to provide and protect water resources in the state,” said Schneider. “We are proud to partner with the rural water districts to expand essential water services.”

The following two water districts will receive USDA funding.

    South Central Regional Water District: $1,285,000 loan for phase IV of the Emmons, Logan, & McIntosh County service area project. The project will bring services to 230 rural customers while adding 315 miles of pipeline, one water storage tank and one booster pump station.

    Stutsman Rural Water District: $1,281,500 loan to expand services to 90 new customers who include residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial users. The expansion will add 76 miles of pipeline, a new water reservoir and SCADA implementation for improved water management.

Earth Day is observed annually on April 22 to raise awareness about the role each person can play to protect natural resources and safeguard the environment. Since the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, the event has expanded to include participation by citizens and governments in more than 195 countries.

During Schneider's tenure as State Director, 42 cities, tribal reservations or water districts have received over $59 million in loans and grants. The projects have provided clean drinking water, safe sanitation and adequate water services across rural North Dakota. To learn more about USDA’s water and environmental programs, please visit