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Carson City, NV, Sep 20, 2013 --

@@USDA Announces $186,200 for Rural Energy Projects in Nevada

(CARSON CITY, Sept. 20, 2013)–USDA has announced approval of $186,200 in energy grants to eight rural businesses that will use the funds to enhance energy efficiency, develop alternative energy sources, or conduct a feasibility studies on using alternative energy. The projects range from a Winnemucca potato grower who will use solar power to run an irrigation pump and pivot, to a rural electric company that will build a solar photovoltaic system to generate 91, 495 kWh of renewable energy annually.

"I am really pleased that our REAP program continues to enable rural businesses and agricultural producers, both large and small, to harness renewable energy sources to power their businesses,” said USDA RD State Director Sarah Adler. “When energy efficiency is enhanced, that improves the business’ bottom line.”

The Overton Power District in southern Nevada will use a $49,750 Rural Energy for America Program grant to build a solar system at the Dinosaur Power Substation northwest of Mesquite. The rural electric power company will generate 91,495 kWh of renewable energy annually at the photovoltaic array situated on Hardy Way. The contractors on the project are Alternative Power Systems, Inc., of Cedar City, Utah, and Electrical Consultants, Inc., of Woodscross, Utah

Winnemucca Farms, one of the largest agricultural operations in the country, was approved for a $50,000 grant to develop a 50kW solar photovoltaic system to provide power for irrigation on the farm. The contractor on the project is Hamilton Solar, of Reno, NV. Chief Administrative

Officer Sam Routson says the farm plans to test the efficiency of the solar system to determine if solar power is a worthwhile investment for farming operations and its energy needs.

Three small businesses-- Iron Mountain Nursery in Stagecoach, Lampe Corners, Ltd., in Gardnerville, and McCleary Ranch outside of Carson City, also received energy grants.

Ron Trunk plans to use the $12,476 grant to purchase and construct a 7 kW solar photovoltaic system to provide power for his small farm and nursery. The system is expected to generate

13,210 kWh of renewable energy annually. The system contractor is Sun World U.S.A , LLC; AM Smith Electric and Rivers Edge Construction will be handling construction.

Roger Falcke’s AM PM store on Highway 395 in Gardnerville will use its $12,500 grant to construct a 10 kW solar photovoltaic system to provide power for the gas station/convenience store. The project will generate an estimated 18,270 kWh of renewable energy annually. The contractor is Solar Products LLC.

Beth McCleary will use the $13,162 in energy funds to build a 9.75 kW solar photovoltaic system for her small farming operations located on the former List Ranch. The system will generate 14,433 kWh of renewable energy annually for irrigation. McCleary operates a Community Supported Agriculture business which sells locally grown produce by subscription.

Two Hawthorne motels owned by Jagdish Desai will receive funds to make energy efficiency improvements. America’s Best Inn & Suites, will use a $14,493 grant to purchase and construct a 100 million Btu solar thermal system to provide hot water for visitor use. The project will replace an estimated 1,089 gallons of propane annually. The Monarch Motel will use $18,817 to purchase and construct a 19 kW solar photovoltaic system to generate an estimated 40,858 kWh of renewable energy annually. The contractors are Briggs Electric of Carson City for the Monarch Motel, and Sustainable Energy Solutions, of Sparks, for the Amerca’s Best Inn and Suites.

Yerington’s Desert Hills Dairy, the largest dairy in Northern Nevada, will use $15,002 in USDA Rural Development grant funds to conduct a study to assess the feasibility of large solar systems to offset its electrical and propane power costs. The dairy operation milks more than 5,000 cows a day, and currently uses an estimated 1.5 million kWh annually in electricity, and 2 million kWh annually in propane. The Desert Research Institute at University of Nevada Reno will be conducting the feasibility study.

The Rural Energy for America Program grant application opens in the spring, and is generally funded in late summer. Learn more at the USDA website at or contact Mark Williams, Energy Coordinator for USDA Rural Development, at (775) 887-1222, Ext. 116.