Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4022965
, Dec 01, 2013 --

Outline Of Need:

Nuumanu and Pai Tuiolemotu lived without an indoor kitchen or bathroom in their home in Village of Malaeloa, in American Samoa. Their only source of water for cooking, cleaning and bathing was a pipe behind their house. The elderly couple were both disabled and unable to go outside to use the bathroom alone, forcing them to use buckets at night. During the day, their children would carry them outside on their backs to use the bathroom, or to help bathe them.


How Rural Development Helped:

USDA Rural Development provided Mr. Tuiolemotu a $7,500 grant through the Section 504 Rural Repair and Rehabilitation program. The funds were used to improve the home and create an indoor kitchen and handicapped accessible bathroom.


The Results:

After living for years in dire conditions, the Tuiolemotu family was finally able to make the necessary repairs to their home. Now they can prepare food inside the house and wash dishes in a clean environment. And their new indoor bathroom also was designed to accommodate a wheelchair, giving the couple more independence.


“Words can not express our utmost gratitude to USDA Rural Development and your staff for all that you have done for our family,” said a tearful Mrs. Tuiolemotu.


Without assistance from USDA Rural Development, the Tuiolemotu’s would have still struggled with going outside to cook food or use the bathroom.


Recently, Mr. Tuiolemotu passed away. But his family still talks about how happy he was with the agency, and how much he enjoyed the repairs to his home.



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