Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4023042
, Feb 03, 2014 --

Outline Of Need:

For the past nine years, Ernest & Janette Sanchez, along with their six children, were living in a small home that they shared with their in-laws. Having to live with three other families in a four-bedroom home, their living condition were extremely overcrowded to say the least. The entire Sanchez family all shared one room. But with a limited income, they never thought they would be able to come up with a down payment or the closing costs needed to buy a home of their own. "Almost every day before we go to sleep, my kids and I would pray together," said Janette Sanchez. "We pray that someday we can have a home to call our own."


How Rural Development Helped:

The Sanchez family first learned about USDA Rural Developmentā€™s direct home loan program for very-low income families from a local realtor. After completing an application, Rural Development approved an $185,000 loan. Ernest and Janette were able to purchase a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the northern village of Yigo, Guam.


The Results:

The Sanchez family was excited to learn that they did not have to come up with all the out-of-pocket costs usually required by most banks to buy a home. And after nine years of living in an overcrowded home, they were able to move into their own place where everyone can sleep comfortably. "After a long wait, finally we were able to move into our new home," said Sanchez.


As for what advice she can offer to other families dreaming of becoming first-time homeowners, she said, "You just have to be patient, have faith and hope, and your dream will come true. USDA was really a big help, thank you so much. Thank you is not enough to express our feelings."


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