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, Mar 11, 2014 --


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Residents of the Borough of Portage, PA Benefit From New Water System

    Outline of Need

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Portage in Cambria County, PA needs to replace and upgrade portions of its water system in order to improve service to 2,800 existing customers, eliminate health and safety hazards, and reduce service disruptions/unaccounted for water losses in the system. The area has been plagued by low water pressure in the upper Spring Hill and Shady Springs

area, insufficient volume, water line failures, service disruptions, and degraded water quality due to aging water lines.

    How Rural Development Helped

    USDA Rural Development provided a $4,878,500

    Water and Environmental Program American Recov- ery and Reinvestment Act loan to construct a new water transmission line from Martindale to the Fid- dlers Green area, replace the old storage tank with a new higher elevation, larger water storage tank and install an estimated 61,000 linear feet of new pipe. Additional line extensions and replacement in the Jamestown area were also installed, replacing the undersized and older galvanized pipe that was degraded and subject to numerous breaks.

    Fast Facts

Program: Water & Waste Disposal loan Congressional District: PA-12th Investment: $4,878,500

Partners: Bureau of Mine Reclamation Demographics: 2,800 customers in the Municipal Authority service area

    Impact: New water lines and tank replaced old system,

eliminating health and safety hazards, reducing service disruptions and unaccounted for water losses.

A new one million gallon water storage tank replaces the old, smaller tank, eliminating health and safety hazards and reducing service disruptions for 2,800 customers in the Borough of Portage, PA.

    The Results

    In addition to alleviating issues inherent to an aging

infrastructure (dirty water complaints and boil water notices), the newly constructed water transmission main and storage tank will provide the residents of Portage and Cassandra Borough and Portage Town- ship with clean and quality water and adequate fire flow and protection.

Furthermore, abandoned mining operations had diminished the groundwater recharge to the private wells and had affected water quality for users in the Borough. In collaboration with the Bureau of Mine Reclamation (BMR), the pipe materials in the area were replaced with a BMR grant.

The Authority has already seen a reduction from pro- ducing 340,000 gallons of water per day to approxi- mately 170,000 gallons per day. The water system improvement project is scheduled for substantial completion in May, 2014.

March 2014