Success Story
Release No.STELPRD4024147
, Apr 01, 2014 --

In 2011, Ms. Rita Fincher was living in a dilapidated mobile home that was literally falling down around her and affecting her health. She was 86 years old and had never owned a home. Ms. Fincher’s grandson learned of a vacant, bank-owned home that with a little tender loving care would be perfect for his grandmother. The structurally sound house needed some repairs to make it suitable for living, and the bank was willing to discount the asking price to allow for the cost of materials.

Working with the local Rural Development office, Ms. Fincher applied for and received an affordable USDA mortgage. Her family, church and neighbors then came together to make the repairs and improvements needed to make the house a home for Ms. Fincher.

She remains in the home today, and also stays in touch with the USDA Rural Development team. In a recent e-mail to the Rural Development State Director, Ms. Fincher’s granddaughter wrote: “My grandmother is still doing great, and she literally thanks God every day for her, ‘mini mansion,’ as she puts it. Since the move made possible by the [USDA Rural Development] Direct Loan program, Grandma has been healthier than most folks close to 90. She still has the plaque you gave here hanging right where everyone can see it when they walk in her home and never misses a chance to tell her visitors about your visit a couple years back. Even if they’ve heard the story 10 times!”

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