Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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America faces new challenges to reduce dependence on imported oil; to improve the environment; and to make clean, sustainable and affordable energy alternatives available to businesses and agricultural producers. USDA Rural Development is helping to lead the way in the agriculture sector finding energy solutions in our fields and helping rural residents and communities access renewable energy systems and use energy more efficiently. USDA Rural Development provides funding opportunities in the form of payments, grants, and loan guarantees, for the development and commercialization of renewable energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, ocean waves, hydroelectric, biomass, and biofuel (ethanol, biodiesel, etc.) to change the way people power their homes, businesses, and industries. Visit the following site for a complete overview: Energy Programs

A variety of documents for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs (REAP) are listed below for your convenience:

Section 9007 Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)

More information about the 9007 Rural Energy for America Program can be found here.

Requirements for a complete 9007 GRANT Application

Step 1: The first step is to choose ONE application template. A simplified application process based on total eligible project costs exists. Please choose the appropriate template based upon the type of application and the costs of your project.

Step 2: Each complete application also requires a Technical Report, specific to the type of project and technology. Applicants may only submit one application for each type of project per Federal Fiscal year. The maximum amount of grant assistance to an individual or entity will not exceed $750,000 per Federal Fiscal year. Links to Technical Report Worksheets for projects with Total Eligible Project Costs of less than $200,000 are available below under the Simplified Application section. A link to Appendix B of RD Instruction 4280-B is located below under Full Application with guidance for technical reports for projects with Total Eligible Project Costs greater than $200,000.

Hybrid applications utilizing more than one type of renewable technology must complete a Technical Report for each technology type.

SIMPLIFIED APPLICATION: Projects of $200,000 or less utilizing commercial technology only.

FULL APPLICATION: Projects of $200,000 or more utilizing either commercial or pre-commercial technology.

Energy Efficiency Improvements Projects also require an Energy Audit with total eligible project costs greater than $50,000 or an Energy Assessment with total eligible project costs of $50,000 or less. Note: It is strongly recommended that you obtain the Energy Audit.

Energy Assessment - A report conducted by an experienced energy assessor, certified energy manager or professional engineer assessing energy cost and efficiency by analyzing energy bills and briefly surveying the target building, machinery or system. The report identifies and provides a savings and cost analysis of low-cost/no-cost measures. The report will estimate the overall costs and expected energy savings from these improvements, and dollars saved per year. The report will estimate weighted-average payback period in years. See the Technical Report guide for a complete description.

Energy Audit - A report conducted by a Certified Energy Manager or Professional Engineer that focuses on potential capital-intensive projects and involves detailed gathering of field data and engineering analysis. The report will provide detailed project costs and savings information with a high level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions. It will estimate costs, expected energy savings from the subject improvements, and dollars saved per year. The report will estimate weighted-average payback period in years. See the Technical Report guide for a complete description.

The energy audit must show energy (such as BTU or Kwh) savings in order for your project to be eligible for REAP funding.

For a list of Energy Auditors in Texas click on: 9007 REAP Auditors

Step 3: A series of application forms are required.

Requirements for a Complete 9007 Guaranteed Loan Application

  • For those needing assistance filling out an application, you have the option of utilizing a grant writer. Click here for a list of Grant Writers to help assist you with filing an application.
  • For additional information and guidance on combination grant and guaranteed loan applications, please contact the Texas Rural Development State Office.
  • REAP Guaranteed Loan Application Forms Loan applications of $600,000 or less should use the one-doc loan application form 4279-1A. Loans above $600,000 should use the full application form 4279-1. Please complete the appropriate form based upon the loan amount. Guaranteed Loan Checklist

Please include 2 copies of all of the forms and applicable template to: USDA Rural Development, Attention: Business Programs, 101 South Main Street, Suite 102, Temple, TX 76501. Deadline to be listed in applicable NOFA.