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Eligible Countries

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has designated the countries as "eligible countries" for the USDA Rural Development Electric Programs.

Aruba Armenia Australia Austria
Bahrain Belgium Bulgaria Canada
Chile Columbia Costa Rica Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic El Salvador
Estonia Finland France Germany
Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong China
Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel
Italy Japan South Korea Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Mexico Morocco Netherlands Nicaragua
Norway Oman Panama Peru
Poland Portugal Romania Singapore
Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom -

Only those products that are manufactured in the United States or an eligible country, and are substantially all from articles, materials, and supplies mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States or eligible country may receive acceptance or conditional acceptance from the Technical Standards Committees. All other products may only receive technical acceptance.

The list of eligible countries was published in the Federal Register Notice on November 16, 2001. Additional information and the definition of eligible country is contained in the Federal Register Notice published February 18, 1997.


Except as otherwise indicated, eligibility is for contracts covered under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), including applicable thresholds and General Notes contained in U.S. Appendix 1 of the GPA. For services contracts, eligibility is subject in particular to General Note 8 of Appendix 1. The Government Procurement Agreement can be found here and the General Notes of Appendix 1 can be found here.

Canada and Mexico - Subject to applicable thresholds in NAFTA Chapter 10. (NAFTA Chapter 10 can be found here).

Israel - Subject to applicable thresholds in the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

Japan - Eligibility subject to GPA General Note 9 of Appendix 1.

Prohibited Sources - The list of prohibited sources can be found here.

Last Modified:12/11/2013 
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