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Sample Documents

Document Size Format Description



Opinion of Attorney (pre-loan) (March 2013)

Long Form Opinion of Attorney - Annotated Version (post-loan) (April 2013)
FFBOpinionNM 41K .doc FFB Opinion of Attorney with No Mortgage (post-loan) (April 2013)
FFBOpinionSM 43K .doc FFB Opinion of Attorney with Supplemental Mortgage (post-loan) (April 2013)
FFBOpinionRM 43K .doc FFB Opinion of Attorney with Restated Mortgage (post-loan) (April 2013)
FFBSecCertNM 27K .doc FFB Secretary's Certificate with No Mortgage (post-loan) (April 2013)
FFBSecCertSM 27K .doc FFB Secretary's Certificate with Supplemental Mortgage (post-loan) (April 2013)
FFBSecCertRM 28K .doc FFB Secretary's Certificate with Restated Mortgage (post-loan) (April 2013)
BR-100% 13K .doc Board Resolution Requesting a 100% Municipal Rate Loan
BR-FFB 25K .doc Board Resolution Requesting a Guaranteed Federal Financing Bank Loan
BR-CoLend 25K .doc Board Resolution Requesting a Co-Lending Loan (March 2008)
BR-Hdshp 22K .doc Board Resolution Requesting a Hardship Rate Loan (May 2007)
BR-Muni 15K .doc Board Resolution Requesting a Municipal or Municipal Capped Rate Loan
BR-Treas 23K .doc Board Resolution Requesting a Treasury Rate Loan
BR-674 32K .doc Board Resolution for use with Form 674
BR-675 30K .doc Board Resolution for use with Form 675 (July 2014)
CWP-Wksh 35K .doc GFR Construction Workplan Worksheet (posted 4/20/99)
CWP-AMD 21K .doc Amendment to Current Approved Two Year Construction Workplan. (posted 8/10/99)
Debar-PT 14K .doc Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and other responsibility matters - Primary covered transactions. (posted 8/10/99)
Debar-LT 12K .doc Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Ineligibility and voluntary exclusion - Lower tier covered transactions. (posted 1/14/99)
DebtDelq 13K .doc Federal Debt Delinquency Certification
FF Apvl 11K .doc Board Resolution Approving 10-Year Financial Forecast
Lgpower 23K .doc Large Retail Power Contract and Associated Rate(s) Certificate
LobyCert 12K .doc Lobbying Certification for Direct Loans
LobyCertGuar 21K .doc Lobbying Certification for Guaranteed Loans
Relocate 8K .doc Assurances Required by 49 CFR Section 2.2(a){relocation}
RELRA 15K .doc Procedures for Determining Interest Rate Category (posted 1/13/99)
VRA-ERP 20K .pdf VRA and ERP Certification - Statement for Loan Guarantees and Loan Insurance (posted 1/07/14)

Last Modified:11/21/2014 
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