Rural Utilities Service Data Collection System (DCS) Information Page for Electric Programs

DCS Status

All RUS year-end operating and financial reports for Telecommunications and Electric Borrowers are due by March 31, 2013.

Changes are coming to the DCS. Starting in 2011, data will be collected on energy efficiency initiatives (EE) and on borrower owned/purchased renewable fuel power (renewable energy). Other changes will include information on revenues and expenses for RTO/ISOs activities as well as purchases and sales of renewable energy credits.

Click here to see coming changes to DCS for Electric Program borrowers.

The Data Collection System (DCS), used for filing Operating Reports for Telecommunications and for Electric Distribution and Power Supply utilities is located at:

Point of Contact (Technical):

All questions (other than content) should be directed to the Rural Development Help Desk via e-mail at or by phone at 1-800-457-3642 (choose Option 2 and Option 2 again).

Points of Contact (Content) for Electric Borrowers:

For questions concerning the filing of Distribution and Power Supply Operating Reports, and clarification of the data being requested in each field, etc., please contact one of the following:

  • Northern Regional Division: Brian Jenkins (202) 720-1422
  • Southern Regional Division: Prashant Patel (202) 720-1932
  • Power Supply Division: Cheryl Munnelyn (202) 720-8936
  • Power Supply Borrowers - power plant changes: Art Gile (202) 205-8292
  • Distribution Borrowers - power plant changes: Gerard Moore (202) 720-1920
  • (Use this document to submit information concerning the power plant changes)
  • Power Supply and Distribution Borrowers - additions to the list of utilities: Denise Wojnar (202) 692-0163
  • (Electric Distribution Operating Report Part K, or Power Supply Operating Report Parts b SE or b PP)

Points of Contact (Content) for Telecommunications Borrowers:

For questions concerning the filing of the Operating Report for Telecommunications Borrowers, and clarification of the data being requested in each field, etc., please contact Richard Anderson 202-720-2281.


On May 10, 2006, the Administrator signed a letter to all Electric and Telecommunication borrowers advising them of the need to obtain eAuthentication accounts for certain borrower employees. See the Administrator's letter to Electric and Telecommunications borrowers concerning eAuthentication.

Form 674

Directions for mailing the Form 674 are provided in the Instructions for the form. If you prefer to use a method other than USPS postal mail, please use the following address:

Thomas Dickson, Deputy Director
Program Development and Regulatory Analysis
Rural Utilities Service
Stop 1522, Room 5159
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington DC 20250-1522