Technical Assistance and Training Grants for Rural Waste Systems 2012 Grants

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (AK)

The project will provide technical assistance and training to the water/sewer operators of the Alaska Rural Utility Collaborative member communities.

Eastern KY PRIDE Foundation (KY)

Eastern KY PRIDE will provide free, hands-on technical training and assistance to local officials, operators, and utilities personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of water and waste disposal facilities in rural areas.

Hancock County Planning Commission (ME)

Hancock County Planning Commission will assist small, rural towns in protecting individual wells from contamination and assuring that they provide an adequate and safe drinking water supply by training code enforcement officers, planning boards, and local plumbing inspectors and providing outreach to homeowners.

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (AZ)

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona will provide on-site compliance technical assistance to help Tribal public water systems return to and maintain regulatory compliance.

Native American Water Association (NV)

Native American Water Association will provide advanced drinking water and wastewater technical assistance and training to Tribal Utilities and to provide a proven training opportunity that will help develop sustainable qualified water and wastewater operators and utility program managers.

National Rural Water Association (OK)

National Rural Water Association will provide training and on-site technical assistance to waste water systems in the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The training will provided help to reduce exposure to waste related health and safety hazards and enhance the sustainability of wastewater systems in rural and small communities.

Northern Maine Development Commission (ME)

Northern Maine Development Commission will work with the region’s municipalities and water and wastewater departments to develop a Regional Capital investment Plan (RCIP) for water and wastewater districts and departments to identify infrastructure needs, costs, and potential funding sources for communities.

OCT Water Quality Academy (CA)

OCT Water Quality Academy will provide a mobile rural training program that will serve very small water/wastewater system operators in California, Oregon, and Washington to help system operators improve the operation and maintenance of their existing facilities, identify and evaluate solutions for the operation of both water and wastewater systems, maintain or upgrade their licensing, and stay in compliance with changes in the state water quality laws.

Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc. (DC)

The proposed project will go for one year to operate the Technitrain Program. Under the Technitrain project, RCAP will provide training and on-site technical assistance to 800 systems and present 100 training sessions to at least 1200 system personnel. Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (AK)

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium will identify and evaluate solutions to water and wastewater treatment problems in nine Southeast Alaska communities, assist them in preparing applications for drinking water and waste grants, and improve operations and maintenance of their existing water and waste treatment facilities.

Syracuse University (NY)

Syracuse University will increase the ability of rural leaders and their communities to develop and community members on sound governance and management practices, and achieve fiscal stability.

Tanana Chiefs Conference (AK)

The project will provide five classroom trainings to approximately 60-75 water operators, utility managers and/or council members to low income rural interior villages.

West Virginia University Research Corp. (WV)

$ 800,000
West Virginia University will continue the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse program. The program provides quality information for regulatory compliance; information for sustainable water services; and information for improving small system security and emergency response plans.

Winrock International (AR)

Winrock International will direct and implement the Native American Water Improvement Program. The NAWIP is dedicated to building the capacity of Native American Tribes related to water and wastewater infrastructure.

Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council (AK)


Zender Environmental Health and Research (AK)

The project will provide technical assistance and training to all rural and remote non-hub communities by: 1) assisting villages with identifying and evaluation their unique and dynamic set of health risks and solutions; 2) assisting villages in preparing USDA water and waste grant applications; and 3) assisting villages in improving their waste facilities and practices.