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Federal Guarantees for Rural Home Loans

Status updates are available by dialing the

GRH Hotline 804-287-1598.


Our home loan guarantees help private lenders safely increase their investment in mortgages for income-eligible families or individuals buying or building a home in a qualified rural area.


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EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, SEPT 16, 2014, lender must submit GRH loan applications with the 0.5 percent annual fee. GUS must show the 0.5 percent annual fee.  We are currently experiencing a four(4) week turn-time and will be utilizing all SFH staff to process loan applications.  If a lender wants to request the GUS application be released back to lender to change the annual fee to 0.5%, you will not lose your place in line.  However, the lender must resubmit a new signed 1980-21 (lender and applicant).  For additional docs for a GUS REFER or random selection FULL DOCS ( new signed 1980-21, signed 1008, and 1003). The applicant must qualify for the loan at the increased annual fee. The updated loan documents must be submitted to the GRH Intake e-mail box at RD.VAGRHIntake@va.usda.gov  Lenders are to include in the e-mail � �ANNUAL FEE INCREASE-1980-21 APPLICATION RESUBMISSION�. This will alert our Intake loan technicians to review our tracking system for the pending loan application.


General questions may be forwarded to our SFH inquiry mail box between the hours of 9AM and 2PM EST at SFHHelp@va.usda.gov

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RHS electronic services for loan status and default status reporting.


Why does Rural Development make home loan guarantees?
Home Ownership Strengthens Communities. A good home is more than just a roof overhead. Homes are the cornerstone of our communities. They help families achieve economic stability and build savings over time that can help meet needs like education and retirement. Rural Development programs ensure Americans living in rural areas have access to affordable, well-built homes near jobs, schools, healthcare and public services.  

For more information on this program, reference http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/HAD-Guaranteed_Housing_Loans.html