Small Contracts (less than $100,000)

USDA Rural Development Short Form Construction Contracts

Construction Contract: Form RD 1924-06

Supplemental Conditions: Form RD 1924-06, Att. A

Bond Requirements & Signature Blocks: Form RD 1924-06, Att. B

Certificate of Contractor Release: Form RD 1924-09

Release by Claimants: Form RD 1924-10

Builder's Warranty: Form RD 1924-19

Compliance Statement: Form RD 400-6

Certification Regarding Debarment: Form AD-1048

Owner-Engineer Agreement Documents

Agreement for Engineering Services: Form RD 1942-19

Sample Multi-Family Housing Specification Checklists

Doors: door specs.pdf

Windows: window spec.pdf

Roofing: roof spec.pdf

Siding: siding spec.pdf

Rural Development must concur with all architectural agreements.  For questions, please contact:

Joseph Silveira


Jonathan Harries