Housing Preservation Grants

Housing Preservation Grants provide qualified, public, non-profit organizations and public agencies funding to assist very low and low income homeowners to repair and rehabilitate their homes in rural areas.

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Program Details
More Information and How to Apply

Program Details


A public body or a public or private non-profit organization with experience in similar programs.


Funding is based upon annual appropriations. No more than 50% of the state's allocation may be obligated to a single entity. A Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is published on the Federal Register each year addressing the application cycle.


One or two year grant.


The applicant must demonstrate that a need for repair and rehabilitation exists in the area for very low and low income persons and have matching funds available to complement the funding provided by Rural Development. The applicant must also have a feasible process for providing financial assistance which includes the selection of recipients, determining the repair needs of the dwelling, performing and monitoring the repairs, and having the support of the local government.





More Information and How to Apply


Contact our State Office for more information.