Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loans

The Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH) loan program provides moderate income families with access to affordable home ownership in eligible rural areas. Approved GRH lenders provide home purchase financing requiring no down payment and can finance loan closing costs and repairs up to the property's appraised value.

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Program Details

Applicant Eligibility:

Applicant must:

  • have adequate and dependable income.
  • be a U.S. citizen or be legally admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence.
  • have an adjusted annual household income that does not exceed the moderate income limits for the area.
  • demonstrate adequate repayment ability (i.e. 29% principal, taxes, insurance and interest; 41% total debt ratio). Repayment ratio acceptability is determined by the approved lender.

Property Eligibility:

Property must be:

  • a new or existing stick built or modular home meeting HUD guidelines.
  • a new manufactured home on permanent foundation.
  • owner occupied and not income producing.
  • located in an eligible rural area or community.

Loan Terms:
30-year fixed rate mortgage.

Negotiated between the approved lender and the applicant.

Credit Requirements:
Applicants must have a credit history that indicates a reasonable willingness to meet obligations as they become due. Credit acceptability is determined by the approved lender.

Fees: A one-time upfront guarantee fee is charged to the lender and typically passed onto the applicant.  Guaranteed loans are subject to payment of an annual fee.  Lenders may charge normal and customary fees for their services.  

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