Intergovernmental Review Procedures


On September 29, 2004, USDA Rural Development and the Georgia State Clearinghouse entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concerning the review of projects funded under USDA programs.  The MOU states that the Intergovernmental Review is waived in certain cases that involve technical assistance, equipment purchases, or other miscellaneous issues i.e. refinancing, inventory, or working capital.  Intergovernmental Review is still needed for projects involving construction, renovation, or rehabilitation that will involve state funds or for those projects that will have a state-wide impact.

With the recent retirement of Ms. Barbara Jackson, of the Georgia State Clearinghouse, the State Clearinghouse Office will be closed and no longer be available to provide intergovernmental reviews of Rural Development applications. However, certain federal proposals not affected by the above MOU are still subject to the Executive Order 12372 Review Process.  Please see the document Intergovernmental and Environmental Review Guidance below for instructions and guidance to initiate the Executive Order 12372 Review Process.


Please feel free to review any of the following documents in order to learn more about the new requirements for review within Georgia.

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • OPB Waiver
  • Intergovernmental and Environmental Review Guidance