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USDA Rural Development Short Form Construction Contracts


Rural Development Documents

Document Title



Construction Contract

Form RD 1924-06


Supplemental Conditions

Form RD 1924-06, Att. A


Bond Requirements & Signature Blocks

Form RD 1924-06, Att. B


Certificate of Contractor’s Release

Form RD 1924-09


Release by Claimants

Form RD 1924-10


Builder's Warranty

Form RD 1924-19


Compliance Statement

Form RD 400-6


Certification Regarding Debarment

Form AD-1048




Rural Development approval is needed prior to using any short form construction contracts.  All plans and specifications must be reviewed by Rural Development prior to going out to bid.  Please contact Scott Emery, P.E. at (207) 990-9121 with any questions.