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USDA Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Seminar

April 12, 2006


This page has been created as a resource where you can find
 the materials from the 2006 Multi-Family Housing Seminar.


MFH Seminar Agenda

Welcome Letter by State Director Michael W. Aube


  -Click Here for Bios for:

  -Laurence Anderson, Rural Development Assistant Deputy Administrator for Multi-Family Housing

  -Joyce Allen, Rural Development Deputy Director for Guaranteed Multi-Family Housing

  -Christie Gaydos, Preservation Management

  -Jean Keastner, Preservation Management

  -Frank D'Alessandro, Pine Tree Legal Assistance


  -Welcome to Multi-Family Housing: A Time of Big Changes by Laurence Anderson

  -Section 515 Revitalization and the Section 538 Program by Rural Development Staff

  -Tenant Certification Training by Rural Development Staff

  -Capital Needs Assessment by Multi-Family Housing Specialist Robert Nadeau, and Construction Analyst Darrin Dyer

  -Managing Resident Complaints Effectively by Preservation Management



Section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program Eligibility and Uses

Section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program Application Process Chart

Procedure for Identifying, Documenting, and Collecting Unauthorized Assistance

Unauthorized Rental Assistance Calculation Sheet

Exhibits A-F and Sample Finance Office Referral Letter

MFH Preservation and Revitalization Restructuring Program

Obtaining a DUNNS Number