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Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program

Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant Overview

Coleridge Water Tower  Coleridge, Nebraska

Coleridge Water Tower

 Coleridge, Nebraska

The Purpose of The Water and Waste Disposal Loan And Grant Program Is...To develop and repair drinking water and sanitary sewer systems, including solid waste disposal and storm drainage in rural areas.  Funding covers water and waste development costs such as construction, improvements, equipment, facilities, land rights, engineering, fees, etc.   


Eligible Applicants Include...Public entities such as municipalities, counties, special-purpose districts, Indian tribes, and nonprofit organizations.

Terms And Conditions...

 The term of the loan is 40 years or for the useful life of the security.


 Interest rates are comparable to current municipal bond rates and are based on the median household incomes of the service


 A test of credit is required.


 Grant assistance will be considered once the user costs exceed a certain level of the community's median household income



 Government owned bonds, revenue bonds, notes, mortgages, etc. will be used for security.


 Eligible areas include unincorporated rural areas, cities, and towns with populations of 10,000 and less.


 Systems are generally expected to be self-sufficient.


 Other assistance offered includes rural water circuit rider technical assistance, technical assistance and training grants, and

    solid waste management grants.


 *Potential applicants along with their consulting engineers are encouraged to utilize the Nebraska Water and Waste

    Common Pre-Application Process.


*Under the Nebraska Water and Waste Common Pre-Application Process, a simplified single pre-application is submitted and considered jointly by USDA Rural Development, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the Nebraska Department of Health Regulation and Licensure to determine the best combination of funding for the proposed project.


View...The detailed Water And Waste Disposal Loan And Grant Fact Sheet.


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Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants assist rural communities that have had a significant decline in quantity or quality of drinking water and may be required to have a Presidential emergency designation.


 The maximum amount of grant awarded is $500,000 when a significant decline in quantity or quality of water has occurred

    within 2 years or $75,000 to make emergency repairs and replacement of facilities on existing systems.


 Grants may be made for 100 percent of project cost.


 Grants can be made to rural areas, towns, and cities with a population of 10,000 or less and a median household income not

    in excess of 100 percent of the state's non-metropolitan median household income.


 Historically, this program has not been funded by Congress each Fiscal Year. You should contact your local USDA Rural

    Development Office to check on the availability of funding.


Locate And Contact...Your nearest USDA Rural Development Office.


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Last Updated:  07/13/09

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