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Rural Energy for America Program  (REAP)

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Rural Energy for America Program  (REAP)

Provides loan guarantees and grants to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to purchase and install renewable energy systems and make energy-efficiency improvements. Renewable energy systems include those that generate energy from wind, the sun, biomass, geothermal sources, or that produce hydrogen from biomass or electric source technologies. Energy-efficiency projects typically involve installing or upgrading equipment to significantly reduce energy use. Energy audits and feasibility studies are also eligible for assistance. Eligible applicants for energy audits include State, tribe, or local governments; land-grant colleges and universities; rural electric cooperatives; and public power entities. Eligible applicants for feasibility studies include rural small businesses and agricultural producers. The interim regulations for REAP were published in the Federal Register on April 14, 2011. 



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REAP Guaranteed Loans for

Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements

The REAP Guaranteed Loan Program encourages the commercial financing of renewable energy (bioenergy, geothermal, hydrogen, solar, wind and hydro power) and energy efficiency projects. Under the program, project developers will work with local lenders, who in turn can apply to USDA Rural Development for a loan guarantee up to 85 percent of the loan amount. 


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REAP Energy Efficiency Improvements Grants

For purchasing equipment and making improvements that save energy such as better lighting, HVAC, Insulation, etc.

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REAP Renewable Energy Systems Grants

For purchasing and installing renewable energy systems such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass, etc.



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REAP Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Development Assistance Grants

Grants to assist agricultural producers and rural small businesses by conducting energy audits and providing recommendations and information on renewable energy development assistance and improving energy efficiency.  Eligible entities include a unit of State, tribal, or local government;  institutions of higher education; rural electric cooperatives; or a public power entity.


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REAP Success Stories and Newsletters



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Last Modified:11/20/2014 
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