Development Levels

Rural Development is committed to providing oversight and technical assistance to each Energy Efficiency Initiative project in order to assist participants in achieving their energy efficiency and green building certification goals. As design and overall development moves forward for each project, this site will display helpful information for prospective applicants who are interested in developing their own high performance, energy efficient building projects.

Our team of architects is continually assessing the energy efficiency aspects of participating developments to provide supplemental guidance for the benefit of the developers and future programs. As part of the assessments, project development is categorized into four progress levels, beginning with design and concluding with development and construction completion:

  • Level 1: design is at conceptual stage; specifications still under development;
  • Level 2: design is past conceptual stage but not yet complete; draft specifications exist but are open to moderate changes;
  • Level 3: design and specifications complete; construction not yet underway; only modest changes to specifications are feasible; or
  • Level 4: design and specifications complete; construction is underway but not yet to the point of insulation.

The projects featured on this site are at varying stages of development. At present, the results of our latest assessments indicate that:

  • 9 projects are in Level 1
  • 7 projects are in Level 2
  • 2 projects are in Level 3
  • 0 projects have reached Level 4

We realize participants in the initiative will encounter obstacles along the path to construction completion but Rural Development remains confident about the potential this initiative has to help protect and preserve the environment and provide contemporary, sustainable housing to those individuals and families who need it most.