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Featured Developments: Rancho Lindo

Lamont, CA

Rancho Lindo — Lamont, CA

Rancho Lindo — Lamont, CA

  • New construction
  • 44 units
  • Mix of two, three, and four-bedroom units
  • Construction completed in 2009
  • CA Title 24 (Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings) — exceeds energy standard by 37%
  • Build it Green™ Certified

[Alternative Text]Rancho Lindo is a modern, new construction development of 44 rental units, located in Kern County, CA. The site has a mix of two, three, and four bedroom units partially financed by the USDA-RD Section 514 loan program. The development boasts many energy-saving construction features, as well as operational practices that lessen its impact on the environment, improve living conditions for tenants, save costs, and make Rancho Lindo a desirable place to live.

To conserve energy, lighting for the community center and other on-site lighting is provided through a 42,000 kWh grid-tied photovolactics system. Further, the cool tile roofs offer 54% solar reflectance that keeps heat from being absorbed into the buildings and save on cooling costs. Low-emittance double pane windows installed in all the units serve the same function. Inside the units are tankless hot water heaters and Energy Star appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and bathroom exhaust fans) that all contribute to greater energy savings. The property also benefits from passive solar energy through building orientation and the use of deciduous trees on south and west facing windows to obscure direct sunlight.

Rancho Lindo was able to conserve building materials during construction by designing its two story buildings using unique framing techniques, like load bearing door and window frames. The development also made use of recycled materials in the synthetic turf chosen for the playground, made from recycled tires.

To conserve water, the community landscaping incorporates synthetic turf and a drip irrigation system that uses water more efficiently than sprinklers. The plants themselves are native to the region and were chosen in part because of their low or medium water needs. Further effort was made to conserve water by installing ultra-low flow fixtures with greater-than-standard water efficiency flow rates.

In addition to energy conservation, Rancho Lindo was designed with families in mind. It is located within one half mile of schools, grocery stores, a public park and other community services and facilities. The on-site community center offers educational and after school programs for children.

Construction Timeline

March 2008
Design approval

April 2008
Permits issued

June 2008
Construction begins

June 2009
Construction completed

June 2009
Lease up complete

Green Certification

Initiative Information

Last Modified:09/28/2012 
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