2008 Annual Report Executive Summary

Metlakatla Indian Enterprise Community

Metlakatla Indian Community continued to make progress in 2008. We still concentrate our efforts on the continuing task of trying to diversify Metlakatla’s economy, still adversely impacted by very near closure of the community’s largest employer, the Annette Island Packing Company. This is a year to year with Annette Island Packing Company depending upon the market demand for seafood products. The Annette Island Packing Company continues to work with the $2.1M grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The long term plan is to install value added lines and associated equipment. The equipment will enable Annette Island Packing to expand its production of herring, salmon, and other species and to reduce the amount of handling of fish. EZ/EC funds were used to purchase needed cranes as added improvement in other docks to improve the freshness and quality of product. The new manager is overseen the installation of the new value added equipment. He has also begun a major overhaul of the physical plant of the fish processing facility, which had been neglected for many years. This process will be on going until the end of FY 2009. The Metlakatla Bottled Water plant, a new industry in Metlakatla, continued operations in 2008. EZ/EC funds were used to assist in the acquisition of an expanded parts and equipment inventory needed as the plant approaches full operation and experiments with different sized bottles for particular markets. The plant has been successful in obtaining contracts for custom bottling under different labels, as well as producing its own brand, Purple Mountain Water. The Walden Road construction project, a major project involving the U.S. Army, the Federal Highway Administration, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and Metlakatla Indian Community, continued in 2008. The portion of the work with the development of a 14 mile at the finished grade level between Metlakatla and Walden Point was completed in 2008. Currently MIC is crushing the design mix for the asphalt portion of the road. This is the last major key in the road. This project will be complete at the end of summer of 2009. The new road, when completed, will give Metlakatla residents much better access to Ketchikan, with frequent ferry service to be provided between Ketchikan and Walden Point. The road also has the potential to bring major changes in land use and public facilities and services to Metlakatla and, as a result, Metlakatla Indian Community is undertaking a complete new comprehensive development plan for Annette Island. Metlakatla Indian Community received a grant from ANA in the amount of $262,000; we have talked to the Community at length about the land use for the Waldon Point Road. Metlakatla Indian Community received a grant from the Denali Commission; all the materials have been purchased for the transmission line to the end of Waldon Point Road. Preparatory work on the Bald Ridge Aggregate Project (BRAP) continued during 2008. The intention is for the newly formed company to be able to market and sell aggregate under 8(a) contracting agreements. Metlakatla is currently received the permits from EPA. Metlakatla is looking for a partner to begin to develop the quarries. MIC has hired a consultant to study the possibilities of having large cruise ships stopping in Metlakatla. This will be a partnership with Annette Island Packing Company. Overall, Metlakatla made substantial progress in 2008 we look forward to making even more progress in 2009.

Metlakatla had several accomplishments in 2008 that we consider equally significant. The first is the acquisition of a Medivac boat for the newly expanded clinic. This vessel is capable of making trips to and from Ketchikan in all types of weather. The second is the final and last construction type activity for Waldon Point road. Metlakatla Indian Community has spent a great deal of time and effort in developing the Waldon Point Road and establishment of the of the last final grade is a very important step toward establishment of major new industries and new job opportunities for Metlakatla.


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