2008 Annual Report Executive Summary

Molokai Enterprise Community

In its tenth year of operations, the Molokai Enterprise Community moved forward 25 projects outlined in its 10-year strategic plan. The EC Governance Board continues to focus on seeking strong, committed task leaders and partnerships for all projects. Ke Aupuni Lokahi, Inc, continues to provide substantial administrative support for five major projects: 1) Molokai Community Health Center (MCHC) to secure a permanent location for an on island health retreat center; 2) the incorporation of the Molokai Affordable Homes & Community Development Corporation (MAHCDC) that will provide affordable housing, community facilities and economic development; 3) the implementation of the Hawaii Tourism Authority for services related to the enhancement to the Ala Pala’u trails project; 4) the Molokai Land Trust to support conservation and open space preservation to one third of the land area of the island of Molokai; and 5) the 90% restoration efforts of the historic Kalanianaole Hall. EC funds have been used by all projects to leverage funding from other partners, with $4.2 million dollars leveraged in 2008 and 6 jobs created.

The EC Board held firm in its support of the Community-Based Master Land Use Plan for Molokai Ranch despite their closure in April 2008. The portion of the Plan refocused on the necessary legal entitlements and transference of two properties: 1) the 1600 acre Mokio parcel; 2)and the 90 acre Pu’u Kaeo lease property. The completion of the Startup Management Plan of Mokio and Kawaikapu (fee simple land acquisition, a perennial stream watershed on East Molokai, to protect these lands from future development) has been met with inputs through various community meetings. Other important activities are staff and volunteers have cleared about a half an acre at the Pu’u Kaeo adz quarry complex for extensive archeological survey and mapping work. MLT’s fundraising and financial management have brought in over $80,000 this past year.

The Community Development Corporation (CDC) Steering Committee progressed to form the Molokai Affordable Homes and Community Development Corporation’s mission is to enhance quality of life in the areas of affordable homes, economic development, education, health care, leadership, culture, and the environment while preserving Molokai’s rural character. This project has successfully hired a project coordinator, designated office area and rallied over 20 applicants to begin the application/qualification process for Self Help housing. The County of Maui and USDA Rural Development efforts have allowed over $4 million of leverage funds to secure building of the properties, mortgage assistance programs, and down payment assistance funding. KAL developed a partnership with Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) Natural Resources Program to begin implementing services related to the Ala Project Pala’u. This project will develop a comprehensive plan to restore native Hawaiian forests and rare plants/species within the Pala’au State Park, provide interpretation of these resources, and restore historic trails to improve access and views of Kalaupapa. There is great anticipation by the community for the completion of the restoration of Kalanianaole Hall, a historic gathering place for the community since the 1930’s.


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