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Research Reports

Most of the publications are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat is a method used to transmit documents in their final, printed format for local printing.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these reports is available, free of charge, on the Adobe Web site:

RR 226 Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries of Agricultural Cooperatives
Public Meeting on Research Transcript: September 27, 2005:   (.pdf | .doc)
RR 224 The Nature of the Cooperative: A Dairy Cooperative Case Study
RR 223 Education Initiatives of Farmer Cooperatives
RR 222 Cooperative Financial Profile
RR 221 Cooperative Theory, Practice, and Financing: A Diary Cooperative Case Study
RR 220 Cooperative Equity Redemption
RR 219 Financial Profile of Dairy Cooperatives, 2007
RR 218 Marketing Operations of Dairy Cooperatives, 2007
RR 217 Cooperative Approaches for Implementation of Dairy Manure Digesters
RR 216 Selecting a Cooperative Membership Structure for the Agriculture-of-the-Middle Initiative
RR 215 An Analysis of Food-Chain Demand for Differentiated Farm Commodities: Implications for the Farm Sector
RR 214 Whey to Ethanol: A Biofuel Role for Dairy Cooperatives?
RR 213 Measuring the Performance of Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 212 Measuring Performance of Dairy Cooperatives
RR 211 U.S. Cooperatives in International Trade, 1997-2002
RR 210 Small-Scale Grower Cooperatives in the Northeast United States
RR 209 The Role of Information Technology in the Fuel Ethanol Industry
RR 208 Keys to Success for Food Co-op Start Ups in Rural Areas: Four Case Studies
RR 207 Feed Mill Operations of Agricultural Cooperative
RR 206 Dairy Cooperative Growth Challenges: Technology, Ingredients (Proteins) and Equity Finance
RR 205 Analysis of Financial Statements: Local Farm Supply, Marketing Co-opos, 2003
RR 204 Financial Profile of the 100 Largest Agricultural Cooperatives, 2002
RR 203 Financial Profile of Dairy Cooperatives, 2002
RR 202 Driving Forces and Success Factors for Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Alliances Among Local Cooperatives
RR 201 Marketing Operations of Dairy Cooperatives, 2002
RR 200 Measuring the Economic Impact of Cooperatives in Minnesota
RR 199 Financial Profile of Largest 100 Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 198 Alternative Milk Price Series: Information for Cooperatives
RR 196 Measuring the Economic Impact of Cooperatives: Results from Wisconsin
RR 194 Black Farmers in America, 1865-2000 - The Pursuit of Independent Farming and the Role of Cooperatives
RR 193 Financial Profile of Largest 100 Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 192 Problems and Issues Facing Farmer Cooperatives
RR 190 The Changing Federated Relationship Between Local and Regional Cooperatives
RR 189 Cooperative Employee Compensation, 1999
RR 188 Cost of Balancing Milk Supplies: Northeast Regional Market
RR 187 Structural Change in the Dairy Cooperative Sector, 1992-2000
RR 186 Financial Profile -- the 100 Largest Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 185 Cooperative Conversion and Restructuring In Theory and Practice
RR 184 Strategic Planning in Farmer Cooperatives
RR 183 Crop Protectant Operations of Local Farm Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
RR 182 Analysis of Financial Statements: Local Farm Supply, Marketing Cooperatives
RR 181 Local Coopertives' Role in the Identity-Preserved Grain Industry
RR 180 Grain Cooperative Mergers and Acquisitions, 1993-1997
RR 178 Farmer Cooperatives' Financial Profile, 1997
RR 177 The Impact of New Generation Cooperatives on Their Communities
RR 176 Financial Profile of Dairy Cooperatives, 1997
RR 175 Financial Management and Ratio Analysis for Cooperative Enterprises
RR 174 Cooperative Unification:  Highlights From 1989 to Early 1999
RR 173 Marketing Operations of Dairy Cooperatives (PDF or HTML)
RR 172 Financial Performance of Local Farm Supply, Marketing Cooperatives, 1997
RR 171 Local Farm Supply, Marketing Cooperatives Financial Trends: Changes in the 1990s
RR 168 Pooling Operations of Cooperatives
RR 167 Lessons From Producer-Owned Lamb Ventures
RR 166 A New Approach to Measuring Dairy Co-op Performance
RR 165 Member Participation in Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 164 Financial Statistics of the Largest Dairy Cooperatives, 1980-1995
RR 163 Cost of Capital for Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 162 Local Cooperatives' Role in the Emerging Dairy Industry
RR 161 Fertilizer Operations of Local Farm Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
RR 160  Performance of Cooperatives Handling Farm Supplies, by Region
RR 159 Marketing Coordination in Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 158  Strategies for Survival By Cooperative Country Elevators - Revisited
RR 157 Cooperatives in a Changing Global Food System
RR 156 Voting and Representation Systems in Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 155 Decision-Making in Cooperatives with Diverse Member Interests
RR 154 Analysis of Financial Statements: Local Farm Supply, Marketing Cooperatives
RR 153 Response of Cooperative Elevators to Changes in Government Policies
RR 152 Dairy Cooperatives' Role in Managing Price Risks
RR 151 Strengthening Ethics Within Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 150 A Strategic Planning Study of the Dairy Herd Improvement System
RR 149 Local Petroleum Operations
RR 148 Cooperatives and New Uses for Agricultural Products:  An Assessment of the Fuel Ethanol Industry
RR 144 Role of Local Cooperatives in Emerging Swine Industry
RR 143 Petroleum Cooperatives, 1995
RR 141 Shared-Services Cooperatives
RR 139 Consolidation of Balance Sheet Components During Cooperative Mergers
RR 138 Analysis of Balance Sheets of Local Farm Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
RR 137 Cooperatives in the U.S. Citrus Industry
RR 136 Appraising Manager Performance
RR 134 Analysis of Income Statements of Local Farm Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
RR 133 Marketing Operations of Dairy Cooperatives
RR 132 Wheat Grain Cooperatives Adjust to Challenges of 1980s, Poised for 1990s
RR 131 Membership Structural Design:  A Pilot Test on DHI Cooperatives
RR 130 Farm Bargaining Cooperatives:  Group Action, Greater Gain
RR 129 Full-Time Employees, Sales, and Assets of Selected Farmer Cooperatives: 1981, 1986, and 1991
RR 128 First-Handler Grain Cooperative Elasticities
RR 127 Cooperative Marketing Agencies-in-Common
RR 126 DariMac:  An Export Marketing Agency-in-Common for Dairy Cooperatives
RR 124 Equity Redemption and Member Equity Allocation Practices of Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 123 Cooperative Grain Marketing:  Changes, Issues, and Alternatives
RR 121 Imports by Cooperatives, 1991
RR 119 Cooperative Education Survey:  Cooperatives' Version - Summary of Findings
RR 118

Livestock, Wool, Poultry, and Meat Cooperatives Function, Marketing and Services

RR 117 Corn Belt Grain Cooperatives Adjust to Challenges of 1980s, Poised for 1990s
RR 116 Cooperatives' Role in Hog Contract Production
RR 115 Marketing and Transportation of Grain by Local Cooperatives
RR 114 Cooperative Employee Compensation
RR 113 Cooperative Exporters and Foreign Technical Standards
RR 112 Strategic Planning - A Conceptual for Small and Midsize Farmer Cooperatives
RR 107 Agricultural Exports by Cooperatives, 1990
RR 106 Cooperative Marketing Agreements - Legal Aspects
RR 104 Bargaining Associations in Grower-Processor Markets for Fruits and Vegetables
RR 103 Strategic Planning Systems of Large Farmer Cooperatives
RR 93 Guide for Prospective Agricultural Cooperative Exporters
RR 86 Dairy Farmers' Participation in Cooperatives
RR 84 Farmer Cooperative Theory: Recent Developments, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Cooperative Service
RR 83 Leasing as an Alternative Method of Financing for Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 80 Nonqualified Notices - An Alternative for Distributing Cooperative Earnings
RR 76 Changes in Financial Profile of Cooperatives Handling Grain:  First Handlers With $5 Million or More in Sales in 1985 and 1983
RR 75 Designing Membership Structures for Large Agricultural Cooperatives
RR 73 Farmers' Buying and Selling Patterns - Implications for Cooperatives
RR 52 Using Export Companies to  Expand Cooperatives' Foreign Sales
RR 44 Fishery Cooperatives

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