Bear River Valley Cooperative
Cache Valley Select Sires Inc.
Castle Valley Cooperative
Intermountain Farmers Association
Kamas Valley Cooperative
Payson Fruit Growers Inc.
Utah Wool Marketing Association Inc.

Bear River Valley Cooperative

PO Box 86
Corinne, UT 84307-0086
Bryan Davis, General Manager
Telephone: (435) 744-2211 Fax: (435) 744-5158
Type: Farm Supply
Products: Fertilizer, Chemicals, Petroleum, Tires Application

Cache Valley Select Sires Inc.

833 West 400 North
Logan, UT 84321-3775
Randy Hill, General Manager
Telephone: (435) 752-2022 Fax: (435) 752-2097
E-mail: cvselectsires@cvselectsires.com
Type: Marketing
Products: Bovine Semen

Castle Valley Cooperative

PO Box 156 (35 West Canyon Road)
Huntington, UT 84528
Cindy Ward, General Manager
Telephone: (435) 687-2453 Fax: (435) 687-2454
E-mail: betterhorse@yahoo.com
Type: Farm Supply
Products: Feed, Fertilizer, Fuel, Hardware, Vetinarian Supplies, Tack


8700 South 700 West
Sandy, UT 84070-2520
Chris Falco, General Manager
Telephone: (801) 255-4228 Fax: (801) 255-4678
E-mail: cpfl@fbac.com
Type: Farm Supply
Products: Feed

Intermountain Farmers Association

PO Box 30168
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0168
Layne B. Anderson, President & CEO
Telephone: (801) 972-2122 Fax: (801) 972-2186
E-mail: slloyd@ifa-coop.com
Homepage: www.ifa-coop.com
Type: Farm Supply and Service
Products: Feed, Farm Supplies, Home and Garden, Feed Manufacturing, Fertilizer, Agricultural
Chemicals, Fertilizer Application

Kamas Valley Cooperative

3186 North Street (Road 32)
Kamas, UT 84036
Blake McNeil, General Manager
Telephone: (435) 783-4719 Fax: (435) 783-4727
E-mail: kamascoop@yahoo.com
Type: Farm and Ranch Supply
Products: Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Fuel, Tires, Vaccine, Animal Health, Clothing, Hardware,
Automotive, Horse Tack, Herbicides, Pet Food, Fencing

Payson Fruit Growers Inc.

Payson, UT 84651
Chad A. Rowley, Plant Manager
Telephone: (801) 465-9242 Fax: (801) 465-9410
E-mail: sam10@paysonfruitgrowers.com
Homepage: www.paysonfruitgrowers.com
Type: Marketing
Products: Dried Tart Cherries

Utah Wool Marketing Association

55 Iron Street
Tooele, UT 84074
Will Hart Griggs, Manager
Telephone: (435) 843-4284 Fax: (435) 843-4286
E-mail: utahwool@wirelessbeehive.com
Type: Wool Consignment and Marketing
Products: Sheep Wool, Shearing Supplies

Last Updated: November 2011