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2002 Farm Bill: Public Comments on the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program

 TITLE VI. Rural Development:

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Section 9006 of the Farm Bill authorized creation of the Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program. The following comments were presented in response to the December 3, 2002 public meeting on this new program.

  • AgStar Financial Services (Ken Reiners, Senior Director) -- PDF* / TXT
  • Alliant Energy Corporation (Kim K. Zuhlke, Vice President, Engineering, Sales and Marketing) -- PDF / TXT
  • American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (R. Neal Elliott, Program Director, Industry; Glee Murray, Program Director, Communications; Elizabeth Brown, Research Assistant) -- PDF / TXT / Survey Results
  • California Farm Bureau Federation (Karen Norene Mills) -- PDF / TXT
  • DanMar and Associates, Inc. (Dan Juhl) -- PDF / TXT
  • Energy Maintenance Service, Inc. (Steve Scott, Partner and Vice President of Business Development) -- PDF / TXT
  • Environmental and Energy Study Institute (Carol Werner, Executive Director; Jeremy Ames, Policy Associate) -- PDF / TXT
  • Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest (Faith Bugel, Staff Attorney) -- PDF / TXT
  • Evergreen Solar (Mary Shaffner, Government Liaison) -- PDF / TXT
  • The Farm Credit Council (John J. Hays, Vice President, Policy Analysis and Development) -- PDF / TXT
  • Forever Power and Construction Services, Inc. (Bruce Papiech; Joyce Papiech) -- PDF / TXT
  • Geo-Heat Center (Kevin Rafferty, Associate Director) -- PDF / TXT
  • Glory Resources, Ltd. (Barry D. Robinson) -- PDF / TXT
  • Dennis Haubenschild -- PDF / TXT
  • Idaho Rural Council (Kristy Webb, President) -- PDF / TXT
  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Mark Ritchie, President) -- PDF / TXT
  • David Kolsrud -- PDF / TXT
  • Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Larry LeJeune on behalf of Commissioner Bob Odom) -- PDF / TXT
  • Methane Recovery Work Group (Frank Thompson, Team Leader, Nebraska Public Power District) -- PDF / TXT
  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (Alecia Ward, Executive Director) -- PDF / TXT
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture (Gene Hugoson, Commissioner) -- PDF / TXT
  • The Minnesota Project (Loni Kemp; Carl Nelson) -- PDF / TXT
  • The National Association of State Energy Officials (Frank Bishop, Executive Director) -- PDF / TXT
  • The National Biodiesel Board (Joe Jobe, Executive Director) -- PDF / TXT
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (Dale S. Bryk, Senior Attorney) -- PDF / TXT
  • The Navajo Nation (G. Michelle Brown-Yazzie, Esq., Executive Director, Navajo Nation Washington Office) -- PDF / TXT
  • New Uses Council (William C. Holmberg, Chairman) -- PDF / TXT
  • Northeast Wisconsin Biogas Consortium -- PDF / TXT
  • North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council (Art Greenberg; John Boulton; Mike Doherty) -- PDF / TXT
  • Michael L. Pond -- PDF / TXT
  • Solar Energy Industries Association (Colin Murchie, Legislative Assistant) -- PDF / TXT
  • Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation (Peter Lowenthal, Director) -- PDF / TXT
  • South Central Oregon Economic Development District (Andrew Stuedli, Agricultural and Environmental) -- PDF / TXT
  • South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (Jim Burg, Chair) -- PDF / TXT
  • The Stella Group, Ltd. (Scott Sklar, President) -- PDF / TXT
  • SunWize Technologies, LLC (Mark W. Wilkerson, Vice President, Business Development) -- PDF / TXT
  • Vermont Department of Agriculture, Food and Markets (Commissioner Leon Graves) -- PDF / TXT
  • Wisconsin Departments of Administration and Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (Roger Kasper, DATCP-Rural Electric Power Service Program; Preston Schutt, DOA-Division of Energy; Don Wichert, DOA-Division of Energy) -- PDF / TXT
  • Ryan M. Wolf -- PDF / TXT
  • WOMBAT Technologies International, Inc. (Chris Deaton, Chief Executive Officer) -- PDF / TXT

* PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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