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August 2004 Community Facilities Grants       Icon of printerPrinter-friendly version
StateApplicant/Project NameGrant TypeGrant AmountProject Description

AKYuut ElitnaurviatEconomic Impact$2,000,000Technical education and career learning center
AKNew Stuyahok Traditional CouncilEconomic Impact$647,000Family resource center/behavioural health facility
AKCity of Sand PointEconomic Impact$250,000Health clinic
AKSouthern Region Emergency Medical ServicesEconomic Impact$136,500Emergency medical services equipment
AKYukon-Kuskokwim Health CorporationEconomic Impact$131,000Emergency medical services equipment
AKCity of WrangellCF Grant$100,000Emergency repairs of library roof
AKManiilaq AssociationEconomic Impact$85,600Emergency medical services equipment
AKNorton Sound Health CorporationEconomic Impact$71,600Emergency medical services equipment
ARCity of OlaEconomic Impact$100,000Fire station with training room
ARCity of Holly GroveEconomic Impact$100,000Purchase fire truck
ARTown of WatsonEconomic Impact$135,000Resurfacing of streets
ARWoodruff County Aging Program, Inc.CF Grant$100,000Construct new senior citizens center
ARAR Land and Farm Development CorporationEconomic Impact$99,999Replace roof on training center
ARCity of SunsetEconomic Impact$97,500Construct a community center
ARTown of KnobelEconomic Impact$96,000Fire station
ARCity of Holly GroveEconomic Impact$95,000Community center
ARTown of CorningCF Grant$140,000Day care center
ARBoston Mountain Rural Health CenterEconomic Impact$90,000Construction of medical clinic
ARNewton County Special Service CorporationEconomic Impact$117,325Construction of building for adult day care
ARCity of MarshallEconomic Impact$97,300Fire station
ARCity of OlaEconomic Impact$71,500Fire truck
ARCity of ParkinEconomic Impact$68,791Garbage truck
ARCity of WilmotEconomic Impact$56,925Fire truck
ARTown of WilmarEconomic Impact$56,925Fire truck
ARNew Zion Missionary Baptist ChurchCF Grant$52,500Construct community center building
ARCity of LakeviewEconomic Impact$49,500Fire truck for fire department
ARVan Buren County Aging Program, Inc.CF Grant$38,857Equipment/passenger van for senior citizens
ARCity of HughesEconomic Impact$37,500Equipment for police/fire department
ARTown of PattersonEconomic Impact$26,250Equipment for police/fire department
ARCity of MarvellCF Grant$20,321Police car and equipment
ARCity of McCroryCF Grant$18,000Pumper truck for fire department
ARCity of Cotton PlantCF Grant$16,831Fire department equipment
ARCity of MariannaCF Grant$14,093Equipment for fire department
ARCity of HelenaCF Grant$12,408Fire equipment
ARParthenon Volunteer Fire DepartmentCF Grant$7,510Equipment for fire truck
ARJohnson County Rural Fire District No. 4CF Grant$7,000Pumper truck
ARTown of RondoCF Grant$5,971Renovate building for a city hall
ARTown of AllportCF Grant$5,403Police equipment
ARTown of HaynesCF Grant$4,068Mosquito sprayer
ARCity of HumnokeCF Grant$1,267Police equipment
CAOrange Cove Rural Fire Protection DistrictEconomic Impact$110,000Purchase one custom built water tender for fire district
CADesert Alliance for Community EmpowermentCF Grant$62,500Food distribution building - ADA renovations and equipment purchase
CABear Mountain Recreation and Park DistrictEconomic Impact$35,432Resurfacing of pool for elementary school physical education
CAMerced CountyCF Grant$13,300Replace roof on community center
GUGuam Department of EducationCF Grant$50,000To purchase playground equipment for students
HIThe Trust for Public LandCF Grant$100,000Acquisition of property for cultural/educational/environmental conservation
IACity of KellertonEconomic Impact$95,000Fire station/city hall
IACalhoun CountyEconomic Impact$87,400Warning sirens
IACity of College SpringsEconomic Impact$70,000Fire truck
IACity of GrantEconomic Impact$67,500Fire truck
IACity of CorningEconomic Impact$66,000Fire truck and equipment
IAColwell Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$60,000Fire truck
IACity of ElginEconomic Impact$60,000Fire station
IAFredericksburg Community Development CorporationEconomic Impact$60,000Medical clinic
IAStrawberry Point Lutherna HomeCF Grant$60,000Assisted living facility
IACity of MenloCF Grant$60,000Remodel building (city hall)
IACity of MarathonEconomic Impact$50,000Fire station/community center
IACity of LidderdaleEconomic Impact$50,000Fire truck
IAGraettinger Benefitted Fire DistrictEconomic Impact$50,000Fire truck
IACity of AckworthCF Grant$48,700City hall
IACity of PomeroyEconomic Impact$47,800Fire fighting vehicle
IACity of GarrisonEconomic Impact$32,200Fire truck
IACity of CantrillEconomic Impact$69,000Fire truck
IAStarmont Community SchoolsEconomic Impact$30,000Vocational equipment
IACity of CollinsCF Grant$22,750Community center addition
IAWapello County Rural Fire AgencyCF Grant$19,000Fire station addition
IACity of EllsworthCF Grant$18,700Tanker fire truck
IACity of AredaleCF Grant$11,200Warning siren
IACity of SwaledaleCF Grant$11,200Fire truck
IACity of ExlineCF Grant$9,700Storm warning system
IACity of ScrantonCF Grant$9,100Warning siren
IACity of LorimorCF Grant$8,400Fire truck
IALittleport Fire Department Inc.CF Grant$8,200Fire truck
IACity of DrakesvilleCF Grant$8,000Tanker fire truck
IACity of ColesburgCF Grant$6,000Fire truck
IACity of DerbyCF Grant$5,400Purchase a storm warning system
IACity of DumontCF Grant$4,800Warning siren
IADows Rural Fire AssociationCF Grant$4,500Thermal imaging camera
IACity of DrakesvilleCF Grant$4,500Warning system
IACity of BeaconsfieldCF Grant$1,800Signs for emergency 911 identification
IACity of BloomfieldCF Grant$1,800Storm warning system
IDCuster Health Care AssociationCF Grant$20,000Assisted living facility
ILCity of CairoCF Grant$100,000Make street and sidewalk repairs
ILCity of KinmundyEconomic Impact$92,000Construct an addition to the library
ILCounty of PulaskiEconomic Impact$64,725Improvements to courthouse parking/sidewalk areas
ILSpring Creek Fire Protection DistrictEconomic Impact$27,750Purchase a used fire truck
ILFulton County Emergency Medical AssociationCF Grant$14,775Emergency power generators
KYCity of GreensburgCF Grant$86,235Renovation of public building for public library
LATown of JonesvilleEconomic Impact$100,000Fire truck
LALittle Creek Searcy Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$100,000Fire truck
LATown of WaterproofEconomic Impact$98,500Construction of a new two-bay fire station
LAGreater North LA Community Development CorporationCF Grant$96,250Building repairs/equipment
LAWC Read Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$75,000Purchase fire truck
LAEvangline Parish Police JuryEconomic Impact$75,000Multi-purpose center improvements
LARichland Parish Tax AssessorEconomic Impact$74,400Automation equipment
LATown of JonesvilleEconomic Impact$71,250New police station
LACity of Ville PlatteEconomic Impact$55,000Purchase of police cars and related equipment
LACatahoula Parish Community DistrictEconomic Impact$52,500Building repairs/equipment (E-911)
LATown of MontgomeryCF Grant$81,340Gas meter purchase and installation
LATown of NewelltonEconomic Impact$37,500Purchase of a tractor/backhoe for drainage improvement
LATown of ChataignierEconomic Impact$34,087Purchase tractor and mower
LATown of MansuraEconomic Impact$24,225Parking lot and cover for vehicles
LAVillage of TangipahoaCF Grant$21,000To purchase and equip a new police car
LATown of CamptiCF Grant$19,800Police car
LATown of CoushattaCF Grant$18,750Police car
LATown of MontgomeryCF Grant$18,000Purchase police car with equipment
LATown of MansuraCF Grant$15,600Police Equipment
LATown of ColifaxCF Grant$15,000Police car
LATown of Lake ProvidenceCF Grant$9,762Neighborhood revitalization
LATown of MelvilleCF Grant$5,025Purchase computer equipment
LATown of DubachCF Grant$3,000Police Car
MEIndian Township Passamaquoddy ReservationEconomic Impact$175,000Eldercare home
MEPleasant Point Passamaquoddy ReservationEconomic Impact$150,000Split Rock Pier project upgrades
MEIndian Township Passamaquoddy ReservationEconomic Impact$38,500Cost overrun of elderly facility
MEIndian Township Passamaquoddy ReservationEconomic Impact$24,750Storage facility - warden service
MICity of OnawayEconomic Impact$60,000Construct a new public works building
MILac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa IndiansEconomic Impact$56,250Elders van
MISecord TownshipCF Grant$41,250New Town Hall
MIStannard TownshipCF Grant$40,000To purchase new pumper fire truck
MIRichfield TownshipCF Grant$12,950Purchase a patrol vehicle
MISheridan TownshipCF Grant$10,000Cost overrun - previous EZ/EC grant in 2003
MNLeech Lake Band of OjibweEconomic Impact$480,700Headstart center
MNWhite Earth Band of MN ChippewaEconomic Impact$370,000Construction of a joint fire and ambulance building
MNUpper Sioux CommunityEconomic Impact$33,770Purchase of police car and equipment
MOHowardville Development CorporationEconomic Impact$172,000Construction of a new public safety/service building
MORipley County CommissionEconomic Impact$159,547Construction of a new county justice center
MOCrawford County Foundation, Inc.CF Grant$73,350Purchase/install child development equipment for day care center
MOTecumseh Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$63,750Construction of new fire station
MOCity of East PrairieCF Grant$51,706Purchase/renovate building for East Prairie museum
MOPutnam County Memorial HospitalEconomic Impact$44,000Emergency room equipment
MOCity of Grant CityCF Grant$13,500Early warning siren system
MOCity of BraymerCF Grant$11,660Purchase first responder police vehicle
MOCity of NewburgCF Grant$11,250Purchase city utility truck
MOVillage of AllendaleCF Grant$9,375Early warning siren system
MOPOWERS - LucerneCF Grant$8,450Purchase emergency warning siren
MOPOWERS - WorthingtonCF Grant$8,450Purchase emergency warning siren
MOCity of MarquandCF Grant$8,360Purchase of street lights for downtown area
MOWorth County Nursing Home DistrictCF Grant$3,750Emergency backup electrical generator
MSHolmes County Board of SupervisorsEconomic Impact$199,132Reconstruct and pave a county road
MSTown of TchulaEconomic Impact$163,125Street and drainage improvements
MSCity of MoorheadEconomic Impact$150,000Municipal fire station
MSTown of BelmontEconomic Impact$135,000Purchase a new fire truck
MSAcona Rural Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$100,000Construction of new fire station
MSCoahoma County Board of SupervisorsEconomic Impact$100,000Purchase fire truck to be used by local college
MSJefferson Davis County Board of SupervisorsEconomic Impact$100,000Renovate community hospital
MSCity of WaynesboroEconomic Impact$100,000Construct new police station
MSLeake County Board of SupervisorsCF Grant$100,000Building renovation for justice court
MSLaurel-Jones County Library SystemCF Grant$100,000Purchase equipment
MSLaurel-Jones County Library SystemEconomic Impact$175,000Purchase equipment
MSNorthwest Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$99,750Purchase a new fire truck
MSTopeka-Center Fire and RescueEconomic Impact$99,000Purchase a fire truck
MSBenton County Board of SupervisorsCF Grant$98,000Purchase equipment
MSHickory Flat ClinicEconomic Impact$97,500Completion of an addition to the clinic
MSBayside Fire Protection DistrictEconomic Impact$95,000Purchase a new fire truck
MSHumphreys County Board of SupervisorsEconomic Impact$95,000Construct a new health complex for county
MSTown of OaklandEconomic Impact$66,375Purchase a new fire truck
MSBig V-Hobo Station Fire Protection DistrictEconomic Impact$75,000Purchase a quick response fire truck
MSCity of ShawCF Grant$75,000Construct a new city hall
MSPaulding Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$71,400Purchase a new fire truck
MSTown of CoffeevilleEconomic Impact$67,433Construction of a new fire station
MSBolivar County Council on Aging, Inc.Economic Impact$64,000Purchase 2 handicapped vans
MSNoxubee County Board of SupervisorsEconomic Impact$62,500Multi-purpose arena
MSEnid Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$49,900Purchase a new fire truck
MSTown of Friars PointEconomic Impact$46,725Purchase street maintenance equipment
MSCity of ColumbiaCF Grant$44,790Renovation to their city hall
MSCrudup-Ward Activity Center, Inc.CF Grant$43,900Renovations to a daycare center
MSCity of Holly SpringsEconomic Impact$40,700Purchase a new fire truck
MSHumphreys County Board of SupervisorsCF Grant$35,350Purchase maintenance equipment
MSTown of SummitEconomic Impact$34,800Purchase two police cars
MSTown of ShuqualakEconomic Impact$34,095Purchase 2 vans to transport the elderly
MSSharkey County Board of SupervisorsCF Grant$20,874Ambulance with radio and inverter
MSTown of GoodmanCF Grant$19,571Purchase one police car
MSTown of ByhaliaCF Grant$16,800Purchase a new police car
MSTown of Potts CampCF Grant$16,800Purchase a new police car
MSSunflower-Humphreys Counties ProgramCF Grant$16,600Purchase cargo van for supplies to head start centers
MSTown of WalnutCF Grant$15,047Purchase a police car
MSTown of ShuqualakCF Grant$15,000Purchase a new police car
MSWebster County Board of SupervisorsCF Grant$2,250Purchase truck
MTBlackfeet Tribal HeadstartEconomic Impact$558,670Construct administrative service area managers facility lost in fire
MTCrow TribeEconomic Impact$190,000Construction of facility for natural resources department, etc.
MTChippewa Cree TribeEconomic Impact$100,000Construction of health center to provide ambulance services
MTChippewa Cree TribeEconomic Impact$100,000Construction of a new wellness center on reservation
MTFt. Belknap Indian CommunityEconomic Impact$100,000Construction of a senior citizens center
MTBlackfeet Tribe Manpower ProgramEconomic Impact$53,747Educational/training program - new facility
NDSitting Bull CollegeEconomic Impact$200,000Construct science/academic facility
NDGreater Carson RuralCF Grant$14,000Rural fire truck
NEVillage of WinnebagoEconomic Impact$174,300Fire truck
NEBrown County HospitalCF Grant$13,950Surgery equipment
NEVillage of WinnetoonCF Grant$13,200Early warning system
NERock County HospitalCF Grant$9,500Generator
NENorth Loop Rural Fire Protection DistrictCF Grant$3,400Thermal imaging camera
NHSugar River Valley Regional Technical CenterCF Grant$50,000Community learning center
NHTown of LisbonCF Grant$25,000Lisbon railroad station purchase and restoration project
NHNorth Conway Public LibraryCF Grant$7,300Library improvements
NJCity of North WildwoodEconomic Impact$500,000Municipal building expansion
NJCity of WildwoodEconomic Impact$350,000Emergency vehicle access
NJCity of WildwoodEconomic Impact$181,500Emergency Equipment
NJCity of SalemCF Grant$77,800Reconditioning of 1982 fire pumper vehicle
NMHome for Women and ChildrenEconomic Impact$750,000Construction of a shelter for battered women/children
NMTruchas Senior CenterEconomic Impact$375,000Purchase of land/construction of new senior center
NMTruchas Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$300,000Construction of a new single building next to fire station
NMRowe Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$258,500New fire station, new fire truck and well system
NMOjo Sarco Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$218,260Construction of a new 3 bay garage, training room, truck
NMLittle Folks Daycare CenterEconomic Impact$187,500Construction of daycare (200 children) on reservation
NMSandoval CountyEconomic Impact$131,000Construction of a fire station
NMAgua Pura MDWC and SWACF Grant$68,750Construction of a community center
NMDixon Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$37,500Construction of partitions between engine bays, etc.
NMLuna CountyEconomic Impact$25,200Purchase thermal imaging cameras/jaws of life
NMMora County Sheriffs DepartmentCF Grant$18,880Law enforcement equipment
NVChurchill Association for Retired CitizensCF Grant$50,000Construct addition to training center
NVWhite Pine County Rural Fire DepartmentCF Grant$46,144Purchase self-contained breathing apparatus
NVMason Valley Fire Protection DistrictCF Grant$38,500Purchase type 1 ambulance
NYMohawk Indian Housing CorporationEconomic Impact$544,470Housing services facility to serve tribe
OHPortsmouth Murals, Inc.CF Grant$100,000Scioto County welcome center
PANew Philadelphia BoroughCF Grant$13,400Repairs to a stream enclosure under public street
SDBuffalo County Rural Fire ProtectionEconomic Impact$130,500Construction of a new fire hall
SDGreen Grass Community Development AssociationEconomic Impact$129,000Construct a community center
SDSisseton Wahpeton Community CollegeEconomic Impact$86,591Nursing program expansion - renovation of space
SDHorizon Health Care, Inc.Economic Impact$60,000Construction of a health care facility
SDOglala Sioux Tribe PartnershipCF Grant$53,679Portable permanent office building
SDEagle Butte Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$51,300Purchase new truck chasis and equipment
SDOglala Sioux TribeEconomic Impact$50,000Wamblee ambulance building
SDOrient Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$50,000Purchase used pumper truck
SDOglala Sioux Tribe (White Clay District)Economic Impact$50,000Wellness/elderly meals center
SDOglala Sioux Tribe (Wakpamni District)Economic Impact$50,000Wellness/elderly meals center
SDOglala Oyate Woitancan EZEconomic Impact$37,500Business technology center
SDLower Brule Motor PoolEconomic Impact$36,000Purchase new ambulance for tribal ambulance service
SDGlad Valley Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$23,625Construct new fire station
SDLong Lake Rural Fire Protection DistrictEconomic Impact$12,925Fire fighting vehicle and equipment
SDCity of MissionCF Grant$10,500Purchase police vehicle
SDVivian Fire DepartmentCF Grant$4,690Purchase hazardous weather early warning system
TXPresidio CountyEconomic Impact$500,000Medical clinic
TXCity of MarfaEconomic Impact$186,750Renovations/improvements to community center
UTTown of ElmoEconomic Impact$79,050Construction of fire station/city building
UTMyton City CorporationEconomic Impact$71,800City backhoe
UTBeaver CityCF Grant$50,000Restroom faciliites for new ball park/sports compound
UTSan Juan Health Services DistrictEconomic Impact$41,250Purchase computer system for medical clinic
UTTown of SnowvilleEconomic Impact$38,500Construction of a new fire station
UTWendover CityEconomic Impact$26,250Police vehicles
UTMyton City CorporationEconomic Impact$25,200City maintenance vehicle
UTMyton CityCF Grant$16,740City park restroom facilities
UTUintah CountyCF Grant$15,470Purchase fire fighting equipment
UTTri-County Health DepartmentCF Grant$11,570Emergency response vehicle
UTUintah County Sheriff's DepartmentCF Grant$4,015Purchase of 2 police dogs
VASaxis Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$25,000Purchase fire equipment
VANew Beginning of SW Virginia, Inc.Economic Impact$50,000To purchase an existing facility/equipment for rehabilitation center
VAN. Halifax Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$50,000Construction of a new fire station
VAKnox Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$50,000Fire Truck
VASlate Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$50,000Fire truck purchase
VAWhitewood Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$50,000Fire truck purchase
VAScott County Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Impact$50,000Emergency 911 call center
VAThe Page County SPCA, Inc.Economic Impact$50,000Construction of new animal shelter
VACity of LexingtonEconomic Impact$50,000Purchase a fire truck
VATown of ClintwoodCF Grant$50,000Ralph Stanley Museum/traditional mountain music center
VAAppalachian Traditions, Inc.CF Grant$50,000Facility will be outdoor covered state and shed
VAHighland CountyCF Grant$50,000Renovation of county courthouse
VAPatterson Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$38,500Crash truck purchase (to respond to accidents)
VARed House Volunteer Fire DepartmentEconomic Impact$38,000Construction of a fire station
VAMillboro Area Rescue Squad, Inc.Economic Impact$30,000Purchase a crash/rescue vehicle
VAPage Memorial Hospital, Inc.Economic Impact$26,900Purchase health equipment for the rural clinic
VACumberland Plateau Regional PFCEconomic Impact$25,000Purchase a water tank
VAFloyd Community Center for the ArtsEconomic Impact$27,800Complete work on center project -- roof repairs, etc.
VAPatrick Springs VFDEconomic Impact$24,150Purchase 1,800 gallon tanker fire truck
VATown of ClinchcoEconomic Impact$22,500Police car and equipment
VADante Lives On, Inc.CF Grant$21,000Community/cultural center repair
VATriangle Volunteer Fire DepartmentCF Grant$19,500Purchase a new tanker
VASouthside Senior Citizens CenterCF Grant$17,500Renovation of senior center building
VATown of ClintwoodCF Grant$14,509Police car and related equipment purchase
VATown of FriesCF Grant$13,750Purchase of a police vehicle
VAFranklin CountyCF Grant$13,000Purchase computer equipment for library
VTTown of LyndonCF Grant$100,000Construction of new fire/police station
VTBarton Ambulance Squad, Inc.Economic Impact$85,875Construction of an addition to emergency services building
VTGoodrich Memorial LibraryEconomic Impact$70,000Renovation/expansion of memorial library
VTTown of NortonEconomic Impact$62,625Town hall
VTCity of NewportEconomic Impact$50,000Construct a storage shed
VTVillage of OrleansEconomic Impact$46,750Installation of fire sprinklers in municipal building
VTTown of PoultneyEconomic Impact$40,000Handicapped access to community building
VTTown of PoultneyEconomic Impact$22,000Sewer line extension to multi-resource community building
VTTown of WestmoreCF Grant$16,000Purchase office furniture, shelving, cabinets, etc.
VTNortheast Kingdom Arts Council, Inc.CF Grant$11,250Installation of handicapped access bathrooms
WANooksack Indian TribeEconomic Impact$105,000Medical/dental clinic equipment
WAPierce County Fire District #3Economic Impact$80,000Purchase new ambulance
WASkokomish Indian TribeEconomic Impact$61,000Medical equipment
WAQuileute Indian TribeCF Grant$17,100Handicap accessibility for community center
WAConfederated Tribes of the Chehalis ReservationCF Grant$16,100Emergency communication equipment
WIBad River Band of Lake SuperiorEconomic Impact$200,000Construction of a new elder center facility
WIBad River Housing AuthorityEconomic Impact$100,000Construction of new community services center
WPYap Women's AssociationEconomic Impact$100,000To construct a multifunctional center
WPPohnpei State GovernmentEconomic Impact$98,450Construct a multi-purpose facility for EOC
WPKosrae State GovernmentEconomic Impact$79,200Purchase two 30-passenger vehicles
WPArno Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$78,624Development of town hall and community center
WPMajuro Cooperative SchoolCF Grant$77,300Renovate/expand administrative/library building
WPYap State Government - Department of Public WorksEconomic Impact$75,000To purchase a refuse collection truck
WPBikini Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$75,000Meetings/workshops on agriculture development For island
WPAssumption SchoolsEconomic Impact$75,000Extension of classroom facilities
WPNamdrik Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$73,125Construct a community center
WPBikini Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$65,625Purchase fire apparatus for Kili Atoll
WPMejit Island Lomojed Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$61,520Construction of new multi-purpose center for island
WPMinistry of Health of Majuro HospitalEconomic Impact$55,875Purchase of an ambulance
WPMajuro Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$51,269To purchase four patrol cars
WPMicronesian Business AssociationCF Grant$50,000To purchase playground equipment, canopy, etc.
WPJaluit Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$37,500Purchase 3 bum bum boats for inter-island transportation
WPMajuro Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$37,402Purchase police equipment and uniforms
WPNukuno Protestant Churches AssociationEconomic Impact$32,250To purchase 5 panels of solar power, 4 computers
WPPohnpei Catholic SchoolEconomic Impact$31,178To purchase equipment and supplies to upgrade library
WPJaluit Atoll Local GovernmentEconomic Impact$31,120Establish a multi-purpose center (for training)
WPSouthern Christian AcademyCF Grant$27,500To purchase computer equipment, supplies
WPSaint Anthony Catholic SchoolCF Grant$22,000Science program upgrade (labs, equipment)
WPYouth to Youth in Health, Inc.CF Grant$18,750To construct a community youth center
WPKosrae Conservaion and Safety OrganizationCF Grant$18,000To purchase a vehicle
WPMarianas Resource Conservation and Development CouncilCF Grant$16,746To establish aluminum recycling project
WPAcademy of Computer Arts and SciencesCF Grant$9,350Purchase computers, software, etc. for workshops
WVMcDowell County Board of EducationEconomic Impact$294,000Construction of school-based clinic


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