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Success Stories: Rural Development Helps Revitalize one of Virginia's Poorest and Historically Underserved Communities

Outline of Need:

The historic African-American Community of Bayview, on Virginia's Eastern Shore dates to the time of the Emancipation and has a rich cultural history. Unfortunately, this area has experienced some of the worst living conditions found on the Shore in terms of wastewater, drinking contamination and structural deterioration.

How Rural Development Helped:

Now, thanks to efforts of the Bayview Citizens for Social Justice, USDA Rural Development and other partners have changed the living conditions in this historic area for the better. USDA Rural Development invested $4 million in loans and grants to make the project a reality.

The Results:

32 units of 515 planned rental units have been completed, a waste water treatment facility has been greatly improved, and new roads and infrastructure to support 80 units of housing and ancillary building involved in the first phase of the Bayview Revitalization project have been constructed. The Bayview Rural Village Plan is a comprehensive approach to creating a sustainable village. When completed it will include new housing, businesses, child care, community facilities, and the restoration of community landmarks.

At the July 2, 2003 dedication ceremony, USDA Deputy Secretary Jim Moseley said, "The Bayview Rural Village is a testament to the power of citizens working together because they're not satisfied. USDA is very gratified to be a small part of this effort and we consider the $4 million that USDA's Rural Development has made available as a down payment on the future." Moseley further added, "An economically and socially strong rural America is central to President Bush's economic agenda. Home ownership is a key component in this effort. President Bush believes in the strength of families, as do the families of Bayview.

Deputy Secretary Moseley and Bayview citizens gather at the dedication<< USDA Agriculture Deputy Secretary Jim Moseley (photo, left:  front row, third from right; photo, below:  third from left) participates in the dedication of the New Bayview Rural Village in Northampton County, Virginia. USDA's Rural Development provided more than $4 million in grants and loans to finance the project that revitalized one of Virginia's poorest and historically underserved communities.

Deputy Secretary Moseley joins Bayview project leaders in breaking ground for construction

(July 2003)

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