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Housing & Community Facilities Programs

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The Housing and Community Facilities Programs works with private lenders to guarantee loans to borrowers for the construction of multi-family housing units; community facilities; and individual homes.  Most loan guarantees issued by the Housing and Community Facilities Programs are from 80-100% of the amount of the loan.

The reasons investors might choose to work with the Housing and Community Facilities Programs are many.  Since loan guarantees issued by HCFP are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Treasury, many lenders consider HCFP programs to be a relatively risk-free way to expand portfolios.

Also, loans made possible by partnerships between HCFP and private lenders improve the economic health of rural communities.  The continued well-being of rural areas provides more opportunities for lending institutions which invest in these communities

The following is a list of programs in which lenders might be interested, and information about lender eligibility.


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