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In the years to come, the growth in rural population and the predominance of low-wage jobs will translate into an increased need for affordable capital to fund housing and community facilities.

Rural communities, like the people who live in them, need access to affordable capital.  Without the HCFP Community Facilities program, many of these communities would be unable to fund essential services such as fire and rescue squads and health care facilities.  As Welfare Reform is implemented, these communities will see an even greater need for affordable child care services.

Community facilities - such as health care clinics, police and fire stations, schools and child care centers - are essential for the quality of life in any rural community.  Through its Community Facilities loan program, the Housing and Community Facilities Programs is striving to ensure that such facilities are readily available to all rural Americans.   The commitment of USDA to this effort is at the core of its mission and its promise to help build stronger, more vibrant rural communities across the nation.

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Community Programs administers programs designed to finance and facilitate the development of essential community facilities and services in rural areas.  These facilities include hospitals, clinics, elderly care facilities, child care, fire and rescue stations, police stations, community centers, public buildings, vocational and medical rehabilitation centers, group homes, schools, educational and cultural facilities, and public transportation.  To see more examples of projects which may be eligible for essential community facilities under the Community Facilities Loan and Grant Programs click here.

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