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If you want to know more about what Industry Interface is and how it can benefit you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created these pages with you in mind.

Industry Interface is a program designed to simplify your work. As a borrower who manages rural rental housing or farm labor housing projects funded by the Housing and Community Facilities Programs, you are required to notify the Agency when tenant changes occur at your property. Whether you have one or many Multi-Family Housing projects, the Industry Interface can automate much of your administrative day.

Instead of filling out forms and mailing them to your Servicing Office, you have all your information centralized on your computer in the office. With the aid of vendor software, you can organize all your tenant information and actions involving them. When you are ready to send an initial certification, transfer a tenant, vacate, or perform any other action, you only have to fill in the information that has changed and let your computer do the work.

After you perform your changes, the vendor software on your PC sends them to a toll-free 800 number, using your modem. It’s all automatically routed to your Servicing Office. If you have projects in different Servicing Offices, they all go to the right place automatically when you use the correct 10 numbers. When the Servicing Offices receive your data, they review it and email you if there are any questions. You check your email by dialing that same 1-800 number. It’s that simple.





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