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Multi-Family Housing - Rental Assistance Program (Section 521)

Rural Development Multi-Family Housing programs provide a number of finance options to developers of low-income community housing. For more information about loans to developers, click here.

Housing and Community Facilities Programs assistance to individual residents of multi-family dwellings comes primarily in the form of rental assistance. Rent subsidies under the Rental Assistance Program ensure that elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of multi-family housing complexes financed by HCFP are able to afford rent payments. With the help of the Rental Assistance Program, a qualified applicant pays no more than 30% of his or her income for housing.

Residents of multi-family housing complexes built under both the Rural Rental Housing Program (Section 515) and the Farm Labor Housing Program (Section 514) are eligible to apply for the Rental Assistance Program. (Please note that not all residents of HCFP-financed housing developments receive rental assistance.)

To determine eligibility or to apply for any of the programs listed above,  please contact your Rural Development State Office.


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