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Single-Family Housing

Mutual Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants  

The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program (Section 523) makes homes affordable by enabling future homeowners to work on homes themselves. With this investment in the home, or "sweat equity", each homeowner pays less for his or her home than if it were built by a contractor.  This enabled very-low and low-income families an opportunity to own their home.

Grants are provided to nonprofit and local government organizations, which supervise groups of 10 to 12 enrollees in the Self-Help Program. Members of each group help work on each other's homes, moving in only when all the homes are completed. (Click here for more information about options available to individual homeowners.)

Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants are available to qualified non-profit organizations to provide technical assistance to low and very low-income families who are building homes in rural areas through the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program. These grant funds may be used to pay salaries, rent, and office expenses of the not-for-profit entity.

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Rural Housing Site Loans (Sections 523 and 524)  

Rural Housing Site Loans are loans made by HCFP to provide financing for the purchase and development of affordable housing sites in rural areas for low- and moderate-income families. Loans are made to acquire and develop sites for housing to be constructed by the self-help method, or for site development to build a home for any low- or moderate-income family.

Eligible organizations include nonprofit organizations, public bodies and Federally-recognized Indian groups.

For more information about this program, click here.


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