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Application Instructions - Energy Efficiency Improvements

To apply for financing for your energy efficiency improvements, submit an application package to USDA Rural Development.  An application package consists of an Application Template, Technical Report Worksheet, and supplemental documents.

Step 1:  Use the chart below to find the application template that corresponds to the financing you seek and the costs of your project.  Click on that Application Template to download it.  Ensure that you use the correct application Template.  Fill out the Application Template according to its instructions.

Step 2: Click on and fill out the Technical Report Worksheet that corresponds to your project type.

Step 3: Click on and fill out the Supplemental Documents identified in the Application Template.

Step 4:  Submit the completed application package to USDA Rural Development for review.



Total project costs that are eligible to be paid with program funds

$200,000 or less More than $200,000   $600,000   or less More than $600,000
Grant Application Template Application Template    
Loan     Application Template Application Template
Grant & Loan     Application Template Application Template
STEP 2 - Technical Report Worksheet Under $200,000

STEP 3 - Supplemental Documents

SF 424: Application
SF 424-A: Budget - Non Construction
SF 424-B: Assurances For Non Construction Programs
SF 424C: Budget-Construction
1940-20: Request for Environmental Information
400-1: Equal Opportunity Agreement
400-4: Assurance Agreement
AD 1047 Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters -- Primary Covered Transactions
AD 1048 Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and voluntary Exclusion -- Lower Tier Covered Transactions
AD 1049 Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workspace
SF LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
RD 4279-1-A Application for a Loan Guarantee $600,000 or less
RD 4279-1 Application for a Loan Guarantee over $600,000
AD 3030 - Representations Regarding Felony Conviction& Tax Delinquent Status

STEP 4 - Submit Application for Review

Evaluation Criteria Scoring Guideline

Grant Application Review

Checklist/Project Summary

Under $200,000 Over $200,000

Loan Guarantee Application Review

Checklist/Project Summary

Lender's Processing Checklist
Lender's Guide
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 Last modified: March 19, 2013

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