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Cooperative Development Assistance

USDA Rural Development provides a wide range of assistance for people interested in forming new cooperatives. This help can range from an initial feasibility study to the creation and implementation of a business plan. USDA Rural Development cooperative development specialists do everything from identifying potential cooperative functions to identifying best business and governance practices. They also provide training for cooperative directors.

USDA Rural Development strives to provide a realistic view of what it will take to make a new cooperative succeed. A recent examples of rural cooperatives include a cooperative for rural women who produce handcrafted gift items, a vegetable growers’ cooperative which provides increased market access for its members, and a sea divers’ cooperative which harvests and processes sea urchins for export to Asia.

For information or assistance on cooperatives, please contact:
Business & Cooperative Development Specialist
Rodney Peach
Email: rodney.peach@wa.usda.gov
1835 Black Lake Blvd. SW, Suite C
Olympia, WA 98517
Telephone: (360) 704-7724
FAX: (360) 704-7742

You may also contact:

Northwest Cooperative Development Center
1063 S. Capitol Way # 211
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 943-4241
Fax: (360) 570-8415

The Northwest Cooperative Development Center is a nonprofit organization devoted to assisting new and existing cooperative businesses foster community economic development, primarily through the cooperative business model.

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