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Through our programs, we are committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in all of rural America.

Program areas on this page include:

Business and Community
Community Development

Business and Community
Business and Industry Guaranteed Loans
Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants
Community Facilities Guaranteed Loans
Cooperative Development Technical Assistance
Intermediary Relending Program
Rural Energy for America
Rural Business Opportunity Grants
Rural Business Enterprise Grants
Rural Cooperative Development Grants
Rural Economic Development Loans and Grants
Value-Added Producer Grants
Community Development
Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities
Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants
Housing Preservation Grants
Multi Family Housing Direct Loans
Multi Family Housing Guaranteed Loans
Repair Loans and Grants
Rural Housing Site Loans
Self Help Technical Assistance Grants
Single Family Housing Direct Loans
Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loans
Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loans and Grants
Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants
Rural Water Circuit Rider Technical Assistance
Solid Waste Management Grants
Technical Assistance and Training Grants
Water and Waste Disposal Loans and Grants
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