images/content/ConnieBakerWolfe.JPGCONNIE BAKER WOLFE

Connie Baker Wolfe has more than 30 years of experience working with nonprofit organization to address affordable housing, community and economic development needs in rural areas and urban neighborhoods.  She has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management practices, working with a variety of organizations at regional, state, city and neighborhood levels. Baker Wolfe focuses on building partnerships and collaborations to develop creative solutions to meet community needs, and to identify the resources required.

Baker Wolfe was a Housing Regional Manager for Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) for 13 years and has served as the acting Executive Director for the Wyoming Housing Network for the last year.  She has also worked with the Denver Urban Renewal Authority, worked as a consultant with community organizations, and was the owner of a construction, remodeling and interior design services company in Casper.  Her focus on community extends to her personal life, having written for community newspapers and serving on Boards of neighborhood and housing organizations.

Baker Wolfe is a native of Casper, Wyoming and has also lived in Minnesota and Colorado for a number of years. Baker Wolfe is an avid gardener, a proud grandmother and dedicated to rural communities.